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Nomadix AG 2300 Access Gateway
High Capabilities, Simplified Access

Nomadix AG 2300 Access Gateway

This product has been discontinued.

Pricing Notes:

  1. Nomadix Gateway product line is subject to Nomadix End User Software License Agreement (EULA) terms.
  2. Order lead times vary: non-shipment orders within (3) three Nomadix business days, shipment orders are released into the queue in order received and shipped within (10) ten Nomadix business days. Orders can be expedited for fee, please contact us.
  3. Gateway Software License maintains use of NSE Software and optional software modules and includes Premium Support Service through support end of life dates. Software license periods exceeding support end of life dates will maintain use of the software only without support or software upgrades.
  4. Software License period begins when the gateway is installed and registered and the software is enabled.
  5. All products are subject to availability and all prices are subject to change without notice. Nomadix reserves the right to add, modify, change or discontinue any product module or upgrade without prior notification or approval.
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Nomadix AG 2300 Access Gateway Annual License Renewal
AG 2300 1 Year license to maintain use, 24x7 call center and web access with best effort support excluding hardware replacement or software upgrades. #716-2304-004
Our Price: $248.00