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Nomadix Addresses Bandwidth Demands in Hospitality
Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 03:57:20 PM


Enhanced Internet Traffic Optimizer Prioritizes Traffic at Peak Times and Provides Real-Time Reporting Capabilities for Hoteliers.

HITEC, LOS ANGELES, Booth #1327, June 24, 2014 - While guest Internet bandwidth consumption has long been an issue in hospitality, it is currently at an all-time high. Fast, seamless Internet access is no longer a luxury for the hospitality industry – it’s a must-have. A poor experience with Internet quality can break the guest experience. For this reason, hotels are under increasing pressure to meet the demands being placed upon them by guests who carry multiple devices (BYOD) and want to surf the Web, play video games or stream movies - activities that all use a lot of bandwidth.

Nomadix, Inc., the innovator and pioneer of public access gateways, has tackled this issue head-on with its Nomadix Internet Traffic Optimizer (NITO), a highly-efficient, powerful and cost-effective appliance designed to more optimally use, and boost, existing bandwidth. First introduced two years ago, NITO offers insight for intelligent bandwidth management and allocation, enabling IT managers to access and review traffic patterns and content usage. For hospitality entities with loyalty programs, NITO can manage the bandwidth to support these programs or tiered affinity guest programs that offer high bandwidth to premium users.

This week at HITEC in Los Angeles, Nomadix (booth #1327) unveils enhancements to NITO that further empower a hotel’s ability to report on existing Internet usage and the status of the network, as well as shape traffic moving forward.

Key features include:

  • Dynamically re-allocate bandwidth and prioritize traffic at peak times to maintain high priority services or special need areas
  • Throttle bandwidth for streaming media, peer to peer, gaming, and high consumption software applications
  • Failover capabilities to reflect loss of primary ISP connections
  • Identify high peak periods
  • Diagnose bottlenecks and identify wasted bandwidth
  • Schedule and automate reports
  • View bandwidth utilization by top users, groups and applications

“The desire to track and report on Internet bandwidth usage by application type, by location - such as lobby, restaurant or conference room – and by time of day has only increased for hoteliers,” said Nomadix Chief Commercial and Operating Officer Fred Reeder. “NITO can drill down to these very specific parameters and determine patterns of behavior so that administrators can shape traffic accordingly.”

NITO reduces the propagation of unwanted data and information to lessen the burden on the networking infrastructure. The result is increased performance and the availability of bandwidth for smooth operations. NITO also offers Web content filtering and network security to protect both the network and its users.

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