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Nomadix Bolsters Internet Access Gateways with New Software for Added Flexibility and Management
Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 05:01:18 PM

NSE 8.3 Extends Features to Keep Internet Traffic Flowing for Hospitality Industry

HITEC, LOS ANGELES, Booth #1327, June 25, 2014 – Nomadix, Inc., the innovator and pioneer of public access gateways, has announced Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) version 8.3 for its AG 2400, AG 5600 and AG 5800 access gateways, which service Internet connections for guests in a variety of locations, from hotels to convention centers to sports stadiums.

“How properties manage Internet access can make or break the guest experience,” said Fred Reeder, chief commercial and operating officer of Nomadix. “We are constantly enhancing our products to provide properties with additional tools to better control and monitor bandwidth management. With version 8.3 of our software, hotels and other venues will reap the benefits of a number of new features, including clustering and metaphone descriptions for ease of phonetic name correction.”

The new NSE 8.3 release includes many key features and enhancements, including:

  • NSE Clustering Phase 1.0 – in the past, it was necessary to segment the network to serve subscribers that exceed the user count on a Nomadix gateway. Now with clustering, all subscribers can be on the same segment distributed across multiple gateways. The task of serving a large number of subscribers can be distributed to as many as 250 gateways thus providing a design capacity of 1 million subscribers being served.
  • Metaphone 3 Support – corrects the mispronunciation and high-speed miss-keying of a person’s last name during the Internet registration/authentication process. By using a phonetic match to the name instead of character by character, there is a better chance of correctly identifying a guest name regardless of the input method in the property management system (PMS).
  • Subscriber Intra Port Communications – adds the ability to the port location table to identify if Intra-Port Communication has been enabled for a particular VLAN. This feature enables a shared environment to exist on a configured VLAN, thereby creating guest room personal networks and providing support for devices, such as a printer or projector used in conference room.
  • Subscriber DHCP Phase II Improvements – a new ability to enable and disable Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) pools without rebooting. Additionally, there is an updated summary table of existing DHCP pools. The DHCP lease page is designed to display all current DHCP leases in which one can easily see the IP address, MAC address, lease status, and lease time remaining. Active and pending subscriber leases can now total 25,000.
  • Zone Migration Triggers MAC Authentication – currently, users have to reenter their name and room number for reauthentication whenever they move to a different location (zone) within a hotel or other large venue – e.g., from the guest room to the lobby. Now with MAC Authentication, users can freely move from one zone to another without needing to reenter their credentials to stay connected to the Internet.
  • Marriott PMS Cash Paying Internet User – Marriott properties can now better accommodate the cash paying Internet user by not allowing cash-only guests to post charges for Internet usage.

Designed for smaller properties, such as hotels with up to 150 rooms, the AG 2400 gateway enables the deployment of wired or wireless networks supporting up to 300 simultaneous mobile devices. The AG 5600 and AG 5800 gateways serve larger properties with up to 2,000 and 4,000 simultaneous users, respectively.


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