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Nomadix Launches Scalable, High-Speed Internet Access Gateway to Meet Growing Bandwidth Demands for Hospitality
Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 02:05:10 PM


AG 5900 Gateway Supports Up to 8,000 Simultaneous Devices; Extends Life of Existing Connectivity and Boosts Throughput

HITEC, Booth #1244, AUSTIN, Texas, June 15, 2015 - Nomadix, Inc., the innovator and pioneer of public access gateways, today launched the AG 5900 Internet access gateway - a next-generation, high-performance solution that extends a wired or Wi-Fi network to create a public Internet access network. The scalability of the AG 5900 supports anywhere from 300 to 8,000 simultaneous devices without any required change of hardware or software design, enabling organizations to add support for increasing numbers of devices as needed. The AG 5900 is designed for medium- to large-sized venues, such as hotels, convention centers, airports, and stadiums.

According to Fred Reeder, Nomadix chief commercial and operating officer, there is enormous pressure on hoteliers to keep up with guest expectations and usage patterns. In fact, estimates place bandwidth demand in hotels doubling about every six to nine months, driving guest demand for bandwidth to all-time highs year after year. Because many guests decide where to stay based on the quality of their Internet experience, slow or unreliable service can cause lost business and damaged reputations. For this reason, hotels and other hospitality entities are under increasing pressure to meet the demands being placed upon them - demands that are growing more intense as more and more guests carry multiple devices. With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) playing a greater role in the hospitality industry - and with many of these devices being used to access to high-bandwidth activities such as video games, movies or large file downloads - the need to maximize bandwidth is among the most important issues facing hotel operators.

With a throughput of 1.5 Gbps, the AG 5900 is designed for this intensive usage and can operate at near wire speed to meet increased bandwidth demands and keep Internet traffic flowing. Equipped with a range of bandwidth conservation and management tools, the AG 5900 stretches bandwidth utilization to the maximum to ensure that the quality of the connection is optimum, that each user gets fair access to bandwidth, and that users who pay for a superior connection will receive a superior connection. Bandwidth can be managed by class of user, by group, subscriber or device, or by a combination of all of these.

"Venue operators are steadily increasing WAN line speeds in a race to deliver on the promise of high speed connectivity," explained Reeder. "But when bandwidth is conserved as carefully as other valuable resources, and when it is properly managed, the lines don't need to be upgraded as frequently. The high throughput of the AG 5900 allows hotels and other venues to meet bandwidth demands, and its conservation and management technologies extend the life of their existing level of connectivity. Leveraging what you have just makes good sense for the bottom line. Moreover, being able to deliver on the promise of fair and fast Internet access builds guest loyalty and satisfaction."

Unlike Internet access solutions built on general-market computer platforms, the AG 5900 has only one moving part - the fan. The result is a low failure rate to ensure optimum uptime. The AG 5900's real-time, multi-tasking operating system allows the gateway to run faster using less processing power, so its performance and throughput do not degrade when more features are enabled or the load is increased. The hardware platform is built upon Intel's high-performance processors with built-in flash memory and is coupled with the proven Nomadix Service EngineTM (NSE) Core Software. The new NSE version 8.5 offers Weighted Fair Queuing and a number of other features that take advantage of the increased speed and processing power of the product.

Beyond simply on-boarding devices, it's critical for hotels and other hospitality entities to monitor network usage for security purposes. By interfacing with various user control databases such as RADIUS, LDAP and Active Directory, the AG 5900 provides unique tracking capabilities. While traditional security safeguards like firewalls, antivirus and antispam measures are still necessary to protect users from outside threats, the AG 5900 adds capabilities to protect users from each other inside network. Specifically, the AG 5900 offers advanced security for network

protection with ICMP packet blocking. Enhanced by utilizing Session Rate Limiting to manage Denial of Service attacks, the new gateway includes URL filtering, centralized RADIUS authentication, and iNAT technology that allows multiple VPN tunnels to provide users with seamless connection at higher levels of security. Additionally, the AG 5900 provides the ability to centrally monitor responsible usage and set policies to securely manage user access.

Concludes Reeder, "We take great pride in making sure that our hospitality customers can deliver on their promise of a fair share of access, premium service for high-demand users and secure, quality connections guests can trust. Our gateway solutions ensure that properties have the advantage of powerful, yet simple technology to manage bandwidth and provide guests with a reliable and pleasurable connection experience. We believe that's a promise worth keeping."

The AG 5900 will be available in Q3 2015.

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