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Federal Court Finds Blueprint RF’s Dominion Gateways Infringe Nomadix Internet-Access Patent
Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2016 04:13:28 PM


AGOURA HILLS, Calif., February 2, 2016 – On summary judgment, Judge Dean D. Pregerson, U.S. District Court judge for the Central District of California, has ruled that Blueprint RF’s Dominion gateways infringe Nomadix’s U.S. Patent No. 8,156,246. This Nomadix patent

protects key technology for redirecting user computers to captive portal pages. In the same ruling, Judge Pregerson upheld the validity of Nomadix’s patents – rejecting all of the arguments that Blueprint RF crafted to challenge validity.

In a bid to escape a finding of infringement, Blueprint RF filed three summary judgment motions challenging patent validity. The court denied all three motions. The court’s ruling is consistent with decisions in other court cases and in U.S. Patent Office proceedings upholding the validity of Nomadix’s patents.

Nomadix has successfully protected its innovations by developing an expansive patent portfolio that includes over 140 issued and pending patents in over 20 countries. “We are pleased with the court’s ruling,” explains Fred Reeder, chief commercial and operating officer of Nomadix. “This ruling vindicates our belief that our patents are valid. From the beginning, Nomadix has developed technologies that enable mobile computing and today, our technology is ubiquitous.”

Nomadix was founded in the late 1990s by Dr. Leonard Kleinrock and Dr. Joel Short. Dr. Kleinrock, UCLA professor emeritus, 2007 National Medal of Science recipient, is a key innovator in the critical areas of queueing theory and packet switching – basic technologies behind the Internet. Nomadix, headquartered and based in Agoura Hills, California, supplies the hardware and software technologies that visitor-based networks, such as those found in hotels, use to provide a world-class Internet experience for their customers. Technology giants including HP, AT&T, Aruba Networks, and others have licensed Nomadix patents for usage in their product portfolio.

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