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Nomadix Announces New NSE Software with Higher Throughput and Support for Fiber-Configured, Visitor-Based Networks
Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 08:32:01 AM


Version 8.8 of Nomadix Service Engine Enables Hoteliers to Better Support BandwidthHungry, Internet-Based Applications and Provide a Superior Guest Experience

AGOURA HILLS, Calif., Jan. 17, 2017 – Today Nomadix Inc. announced NSE (Nomadix Service Engine) version 8.8 for its AG 2400, AG 5800 and AG 5900 access gateways, which service internet connections for guests in hotels or anywhere there is a visitor-based network. Version 8.8 brings increased throughput performance and support for the new AG 5900 with a two-port Enhanced Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP+) 10G fiber module plug-in option.

With hospitality networks around the world becoming progressively overloaded by bandwidth-hungry, internet-based applications, there is a strong need for greater throughput as well as new methods of transmitting data at faster speeds. Greater throughput enables hotels to meet bandwidth demands and keep internet traffic flowing, while fiber networks continue to be a hot trend in hospitality. Using fiber not only offers distinct savings for the hotel over time, it also provides higher bandwidth capabilities, giving hotels a competitive advantage over other properties that do not use fiber-based visitor networks.

NSE version 8.8 addresses both the need for greater throughput and the growing trend of fiber-based visitor networks. With a “Fast Forwarding” software mode enabled, each one of Nomadix’s access gateways will see an increased throughput of 2x their previous speeds. When combined with the new AG 5900 chassis, which is configured with an SFP+ 10G fiber module, version 8.8 supports up to 3Gbps throughput performance.

“The benefits of fiber networks are becoming more and more attractive to hospitality and other guest network providers,” said Nomadix Chief Commercial and Operating Officer Fred Reeder. “Venues that utilize fiber architecture are future-proofing their visitor-based networks and will realize a lower total cost of ownership and a higher level of security. Our newest version of NSE taps into this trend and provides hotels and other venues with the technology they need to make sure their guests have a positive internet experience and increase their likelihood of returning to the property.”

In addition to higher throughput, noteworthy attributes of version 8.8 include:

  • Platform Enhancements – NSE now includes configuration options for interfaces set to the WAN role, which allows for administrative control and system traffic over an IPv6 network. Subscriber IPv6 traffic is not supported at this time.
  • Reliability – when multiple interfaces are configured in the WAN role and Load Balancing is enabled, DNS requests issued by valid subscribers will now be forwarded from the WAN interface to which the subscriber is assigned, and thus to the DNS server address(s) specifically configured for that interface. This change is expected to lead to increased overall system reliability and uptime, because it doesn’t require a DNS request to receive a response from a different network/interface than where the response would be utilized.
  • Security – enhanced lawful intercept is available for all subscribers. Non-translated or publicly addressed subscribers will now be tracked. This provides a greater level of security for users inside the network and increased visibility to outside entities such as law enforcement agencies, regulatory or administrative agencies and intelligence agencies, in accordance with local law.
  • Authentication – NSE now supports “device add” and “device delete” via XML commands. This feature extends the management of devices behind the NSE to allow for more ease of use and additional expansion of the APIs.

Nomadix gateways are designed to meet the needs of properties small and large. The AG 2400 gateway serves smaller properties, such as hotels with up to 150 rooms, and supports the deployment of wired or wireless networks with up to 500 simultaneous mobile devices. The AG 5800 and AG 5900 gateways serve larger venues with up to 4,000 and 8,000 simultaneous devices, respectively.

NSE 8.8 is available now

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