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Nomadix Enables Limited Service Hotels to Cut Total Cost of Ownership with Modularized Internet Solution
Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 08:26:27 AM


New Approach to Internet Access Provides Value Brands with the Same Reliability and Feature Set as Their Full Service Counterparts at Affordable Prices

HITEC, Booth #2406, TORONTO, June 27, 2017 – Limited service hotels face a different set of challenges compared to their full service counterparts. Budgets are tighter and there is typically no on-site IT resource. Yet even with these challenges, value brand hotels are still expected to provide quality internet access to their guests.

As a long-time player in the hospitality space, Nomadix recognizes the unique

challenges faced by limited service hotels when managing guest internet access. To that end, the company has introduced a new approach to managing internet access that allows this class of hotel to significantly cut their total cost of ownership, without sacrificing the reliability and features that their full service counterparts receive.

“There is a definite challenge for limited service hotels when it comes to internet access,” said Nomadix President Fred Reeder. “These properties are affected by a different set of economic factors. Owners in this class of hotel often have to go with a less expensive option – even if it means sacrificing quality, which can have a negative impact on the guest experience. In listening to our customers and partners, we’ve created a reliable and robust solution that closes this gap and enables limited service hotels to cut their total cost of ownership by as much as half. It’s a win-win for the hotel and guest alike.”

Designed for hotels with fewer than 100 rooms, the recently-launched AG 2500 gateway

is the cornerstone of Nomadix’s value initiative. With its modular configuration, the AG 2500 gives limited service hotels the ability to purchase only the features they need. The base configuration of the AG 2500 includes 400 concurrent devices with a throughput of 400 Mbps. The hotel operator has the option to upgrade to 500 concurrent devices and to add any of the following software modules via a remote key (no service visit required):

  • Hospitality PMS Software Module
  • High Availability Failover Software Module
  • Load Balancing Software Module
  • Advanced Bandwidth Management Software Module

The AG 2500 is built upon an Intel processor that offers high performance, low power

consumption, reliability, longevity, and built-in flash memory. It comes with powerful NSE (Nomadix Service Engine) software, which supports multiple authentication models, has flexible billing options and is equipped with optional bandwidth management features such as Weighted Fair Queuing and Class-Based Queuing. The AG 2500 is backed by a responsive technical support team, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a response time of one hour or less for critical issues. In addition, the premium hardware replacement program offers a replacement unit shipped the next business day.

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