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Nomadix Hotel Portal
Reliable Internet Connectivity and End-to-End Branded Experience for Hotel Guests

Nomadix Hotel Portal


When staying at a hotel for work or leisure, having a fast and secure internet connection is essential.

Hotels recognize this as the number one driver in positive guest satisfaction and being able to authenticate quickly without contacting the front desk is a must-have.

The Hotel Portal, powered by the Nomadix Cloud™, provides a complete solution for properties and managed service providers (MSPs) that can also be custom-branded.

Features & Benefits

icon-1 Template creation and management for guest authentication portal configuration
icon-2 Authentication for guest internet access
icon-3 Cloud-based network management and monitoring system
icon-4 GPNS Certified
icon-5 Built-in ticketing system manages issues from a single site or across all managed sites
icon-6 Property-specific reports for real-time guest insights
icon-7 Conference tools allows administrators to set up events, configure special access codes and offer landing pages for individual events

Hotel Portal Features

Guest On-boarding

This service provides the landing pages for guest internet enrollment and access. These pages can be designed to align with the brand guidelines of each hotel. The service can be rolled out chain-wide with minimal management.

Guest On-boarding
Guest On-boarding


In addition to branding and customized user authentication flows, the Nomadix solution supports all combinations of access plans – free, paid, loyalty program tiers, time periods and more. The Hotel Portal also supports a full range of authentication methods including integration with loyalty programs and social media, MAC authentication, PMS, Passpoint (previously Hotspot 2.0), SMS, vouchers, and reward codes.

Bandwidth Management

Guest internet usage has continued to increase, and usage patterns have changed. Paired with a Nomadix gateway and enabled by Nomadix’s patented technology, the Hotel Portal provides bandwidth management to ensure appropriate internet allocation and increased guest satisfaction.

The solution prioritizes bandwidth between different types of users such as high-paying conference groups and free users in the lobby. Both users get highly reliable bandwidth that is allocated appropriately. Properties can also distribute unused available bandwidth to offer higher levels beyond the standard, simple bandwidth caps.

eg-6000-stacked image
Network Management

Network Management

The cloud-based Hotel Portal provides robust controls, security and access-level roles to effectively monitor and manage property connectivity from anywhere. This is especially important for MSPs that manage numerous properties, allowing everything to be controlled from a single pane-of-glass view. Full management of configuration and operational tasks, such as voucher and conference management, is supported as well as automatic management of switch and wireless port configurations for supported devices.

Reporting And Data Vault

Administrators gain a centralized data store and reporting system. Reports can be pulled to monitor property-specific information or aggregated from multiple properties into a group report. Much of the data required is automatically collected from within the platform. Additionally, APIs are provided to import information that originates from other systems.

The platform provides an advanced set of analytic tools, providing real-time guest insights as well as manage commercial and operational costs. Key reports include internet enrollments and authentications, managed device status and uptime, and bandwidth allocation. Role-based dashboards easily provide information to users who require it.

Reporting And Data Vault
Conference Room Scheduler

Conference Room Scheduler

The conference room scheduler provides easy-to-use tools for IT managers and conference organizers to configure access and bandwidth. These controls manage priority and limitations of bandwidth, along with the number of devices that can access a conference. access a conference. Numerous events can be set up and managed to occur simultaneously at the same location. Conference reports can be generated during an event or once it has ended to quickly view user and bandwidth utilization.

Ticketing System

The built-in ITIL-style ticketing system manages property-level issues or those needing attention across numerous sites. Network managers can use this system or link to their own external systems.

Ticketing System


Download the Nomadix Hotel Portal Datasheet (PDF).

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