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Nomadix Solutions
From Hospitality to Telecom to Education

Staying connected is good for business - especially when you give your customers the opportunity to connect to reliable and secure Internet access. From the hospitality and healthcare industries to telecom and education, high-speed Internet access (HSIA) is just a click away with Nomadix’s diverse array of solutions.

Why Nomadix?

Nomadix pioneered the technology that enables guest and tenant connectivity virtually everywhere.

With the proliferation of mobile technology and the increasing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement, Nomadix addresses the challenges network operators face by making it easy to efficiently and securely manage Internet access connectivity and broadband usage.

Having shipped more than 50,000 units over the last 10 years, Nomadix has earned the position of market leader in monetizing Internet access at public venues with our access gateways. We developed our Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) software in-house, and have acquired more than 100 patents in 15 unique areas of functionality required for public access networks.

The Nomadix® Cloud, a unified solution for hotel owners, brands and managed service providers (MSPs), provides greater control and visibility of property network capabilities and performance. It powers our full suite of offerings for MDU and Hospitality that provide a touchless and next-generation experience for guests. Our portfolio includes PBX, in-room TV casting, Smart Hotel integrations, and a mobile guest app.

From property managers, to admins, to GMs, guests and tenants, the portfolio of offerings complements, optimizes, enhances and provides a reliable and seamless experience.

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